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16 Photos Showing Curious Coincidences On New York City Sidewalks By Eric Kogan

It is interesting to see how the world changes through a camera lens. Some people may be interested in taking it out only for special occasions or when they see a colorful sunset. But others always keep it in their hand and make the simple moments more special by sticking it in their camera roll.

It’s always interesting to see what moments people think are worth grasping, and this time we stumbled upon Eric Cogan’s Instagram, where he posted some photos from the streets of New York when he saw some interesting coincidences that could make you laugh or make you dumb.

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Eric Kogan is a photographer born in St. Petersburg, Russia, but came to the states when he was 5 years old. He currently resides in New York but actually grew up in New Jersey. It was his father’s idea to move to the United States because he was fascinated by American culture.

A special place in the heart of the New York photographer, Connie Island has always been like a second home to him, and he spends his entire childhood with other Russians in its densely populated community. In 2008, Eric Prett began studying at the Institute and has lived in Brooklyn ever since.


Eric is an artistic soul all around. He has a day job in the event industry and has a background in painting. He started taking photographs during his school days where he was able to use the photography lab.



Eric thinks the best place to do it is on the street. He told Up, an online photo magazine, that street photography is usually inspiring because it draws the unexpected.

When you observe your surroundings you can see a lot and even take an inspiring and interesting photo on the way to work. That’s exactly what Eric does and presents to his followers on Instagram the various random events that grab his attention on the streets of New York.

If you look at the moments that the photographer captures, you will understand that they are not staged and are not based on Serendipity. Moreover, they are often temporary, like birds lined up in the clouds or in the right place.






Photographers have their own way of figuring out how to get the perfect shot: for example, nature photographers can finally wait months for what they want on the camera.

We asked Eric how he would seize those temporary opportunities. He explained, “A friend of mine once described a crucial moment that foretold the future. I thought it was such a fascinating way to look at it, I definitely found patterns to follow the way clouds and birds behave. Either I feel like development is happening and start maneuvering, or I just grab a glimpse of it and wait for it to happen again. Maybe it will happen again soon, other times it has challenged my patience for years.

The photos have not been staged and as a result of this moment, they may not have been pre-conceived and important. But this does not mean that they are meaningless.

The photographer wants those who look at these photos to “connect with others, share what I think is important and see what I can take from them. My purpose is not to answer anyone but to ask questions. This is where the personal ideas and personal relationships that people express through them really make sense.









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