illustrator Nikita Golubev, also known as ProBoyNick, is bringing a wave of transformation to the streets of Moscow. With a unique approach, he takes dirty cars and turns them into stunning works of art. Instead of seeing filth and grime, Golubev sees potential pigments that can bring hidden images to life. Through his artistic vision, the mud and soot on these vehicles become extraordinary portraits of animals and captivating scenes of nature. What was once just a dirty car becomes a vibrant canvas for this talented artist.

Golubev’s unconventional form of public art has been met with open arms by the community. His ability to unearth ephemeral beauty from unexpected places is truly remarkable. In fact, his work is so impressive that the owners of these once-dirty cars may never want to wash them again. Golubev’s creativity has not only brought joy to the streets but has also given new purpose to what was once considered ordinary vehicles. The impact he has made through his art is truly inspiring and leaves us with an optimistic outlook on the power of creativity.

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