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Check Out These Public Spaces Turn Into Quirky Characters

An artist’s eye looks at the world differently than everyone else. The artist’s perspective is based on seeing the beauty of everything in this world. But another special ability of an artist is to recognize the potential of anything that has any artistic value. The aesthetic thought pattern associated with their professions polishes their senses to obtain such information that is ignored by the crowd.

This article is about an artist who identifies suitable places to create his art. When anyone thinks of street art, they often tend to think of graffiti on a simple wall. But this artist benefits from positioning and incorporating existing things into his art. Before and after turning them into a work of art, scroll down to explore some of these amazing common spaces.


Untitled design 7


Untitled design 8
Tom Bob


Untitled design
Tom Bob

The genius behind these designs is Tom Bob. He has an eye to choose places with such artistic potential. Until a manhole cover is painted as a pizza, no one will see it as pizza, except for artists like Tom.


Untitled design 1
Tom Bob


Untitled design 2
Tom Bob

He wants to share his artistic creativity with the world by transforming mundane places in public places into nonsense characters that people stop seeing. Tom Mai shares his thoughts with Modern Met, saying he loves to share and create joy by transforming street objects into characters. The potential of places like these that they pass through every day is never seen by the average person. These pictures show the difference between an ordinary person and Tom.


Untitled design 3
Tom Bob

His choice of public places always contains something that he adds to his art. It could be a manhole cover, concrete slabs, drain pipes and absolutely anything he could turn into a fancy piece of his artwork. His attempt to transform such public spaces was a very creative and successful one. You can access his Instagram account to stay updated on his latest creative endeavors.


Untitled design 4
Tom Bob


Untitled design 5
Tom Bob


Untitled design 6
Tom Bob

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