Who would have thought that fallen logs could still be brought back to life? Most of us toss these logs into the oven fire with nothing to do with them. But one artist does something different. He can turn any inanimate log into lifelike animal sculptures that appear to crawl out of the log. Japanese wood sculptor Mori Kono can transform any log into bears, chipmunks, raccoons, rabbits, and more. The artist currently lives in Canada where he and his team provide woodcarving and sculpture services.

You can see Kono’s work through his official website, MK Carving and Sculpting. From wood sculptures and carved doors to wood carving restorations, high-quality designs can be created according to the customer’s requests. His team is open to commissioned projects for private clients, be it a large-scale engraving or a small custom gift. Apart from sculptures, the group also creates wooden signs, architectural decorations, covers, totem poles, or centerpieces for a hotel lobby.











The skilled artist documents his techniques and processes on social media.

You can reach and talk to them if you want to avail their services. And you can also check out the studio’s Facebook and Instagram page to see their latest creations.

(Article h/t:awesomeinventions)

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