Love comes in many forms, but we seem to go through many stages in terms of love. Have you ever seen a roller coaster ride that really made sense to someone else?

Even if you have not seen these stages since the bat, they are more noticeable as long as you are in a relationship. Below I will go through each of these stages. Some of them are easier to take than others, but if you go to stage five, you’re really likely to put something up to stage seven.

Stage 7 of Love:

Stage 1: Falling for each other

This is where you meet and fall in love with each other. You need to start feeling something and get closer. This could be the beginning of something amazing. From here you can start the day and go to the 2nd stage.

Stage 2: Puppy Love / Beautiful Moments

This is more commonly known as the honeymoon. You have started dating but still do not know each other well. You are on top of each other and are really a love-dove. Everything feels right now.

Stage 3: Getting to know each other

When the puppy’s first stage begins to die, you begin to learn about each other. Some of these things will confuse you but most of them will not be bad. Most likely you will still be satisfied in the relationship.

Stage 4: Settling / Comforting

Once you get to know each other, you start to feel more comfortable and open. You can start to open up problems and try to move forward together in some way. This could be the platform you travel on together.

Stage 5: Life breaks down

Now, once you get to know each other, life is usually full of troubles. You both work or do what you want and there is not as much time for each other as you think. You are trying to find some kind of common ground. You both have to work hard or hang on.

Stage 6: Sticking together

If you pass stage 5 of it you will actually move on to bonding together. You make things work and you understand where your heart is with each other. You get things done and plan for something else. This stage is a bit busier than the 5th stage, but it can still be a bit frustrating.

Stage 7: Creating a Future

From here, the two of you build together and create your own future. This can be any kind of future you both think is right for you and can hold much more than you think. If you have reached this stage, congratulations to you. You have found someone to live your life with.

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