Photographer Claudio Piccoli has a unique talent for capturing the extraordinary in ordinary dogs. In his awe-inspiring series, Dogs in Action, these four-legged friends seem to defy gravity and soar through the sky like superheroes. Whether they’re leaping through the air or focused on catching a colorful frisbee, these frozen moments remind us that dogs are not only loyal companions but also incredible athletes.

However, capturing these perfect shots is no easy task. Piccoli’s process requires meticulous preparation and attention to detail. Each dog and its specific movement necessitate different camera settings, and effective communication with the owner is vital for a successful shoot. It’s important to convey expectations and guide the dog on how to move during the action to achieve optimal photographs.

Above all else, patience is key when photographing dogs in action. They are not machines or paid models; each dog is unique in its own way. Yet, it is precisely these individual differences that make Dogs in Action such an enjoyable project for canine enthusiasts.

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