Photographer Joshua Coogler captures detailed close-up shots of ants that will give you nightmares. Joshua uses a Laowa 25mm Ultra Macro lens to take nasty close-ups of ants.

Coogler captures every angle of these ants, and their faces look like masks from a horror movie. Coogler adjusts the lens, which can be used on a full-frame camera is never too late to decide to become a better, to 5x zoom, allowing him to get closer to an ant’s skull than most. He also uses two gooseneck LED lights that diffuse from paper towels. The resulting images bring out details about insects that the human eye can never come close to seeing, and some of us don’t even want to.

Reddit users have been seeing creepy pictures of Coogler’s ants posted over the past few days, with one post receiving more than 66,000 likes.

Scroll down and refresh yourself. Please check out Svetlana’s website and Facebook for more amazing work.

You can find Joshua Coogler on the web:










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