Because of their ability to erase, pencils are often the first tool artists use when drawing, painting, or sculpting. But the Bosnian artist Jasenko makes this essential tool for making art. At its core, his stunning pencil sculptures feature miniature three-dimensional artworks carved from fine graphite. Each pencil transforms into its own masterpiece, giving this basic tool a new place in art.

Clay, stone, wood, metal, plaster, and wax – are the most commonly used media in sculpture. But other sculptors prefer to think outside the box, using non-traditional materials including bird feathers, rice straw, rolled-up newspapers, and old CDs. Jasenko, on the other hand, uses a material that is extremely familiar to artists. However, his approach to using pencils in sculpting is truly remarkable. Using thin graphite cores embedded in wooden shells, he painstakingly carves tiny subjects with surgical scalpels.

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