Comic art (or simply comics) is a series of drawings, usually with text that tells a story. As a medium of storytelling, the addition of text and dialogue in comics allows artists to convey the message they want to convey. But there are also various cartoonists who can freely convey the message or story without any text or dialogue – only through clever illustrations. The most popular of these cartoonists is Gao Youjun aka Tango Gao on social media.

This Chinese artist is known for his minimalist, thought-provoking caricatures, mostly drawn in black and white, although he sometimes adds dashes of color to some of his paintings. His clever illustrations offer tongue-in-cheek visual humor that pokes fun at the oddities of modern life. Humans and animals are recurring subjects, but he injects some life into random objects and turns them into fascinating characters who offer subtle cultural and social critique.

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