Here are 30 visually perfect examples of the geometric symmetry of nature. Symmetry in everyday language means a sense of balanced and beautiful proportions and equilibrium. In mathematics, “symmetry” has a more accurate definition, usually used to refer to an object that does not change under certain translations; Including transformation, reflection, rotation or scale. There is an undeniable charm in symmetry – be it architecture or art, we all value perfect order and perfectly balanced things. Repetitive patterns and balanced proportions are also commonly found in most natural environments. Here you will find 30 perfect examples of the geometric symmetry of nature. All photos are linked and linked to the source. Please feel free to explore the collections of these photographers or further works on their personal websites.

#1 First prize winning Dahlia, grown by my Dad

Image By: felix_rae


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Image By: nzm_forreal

#3 How round this plant is.

Image By: u/legitarmadillo

#4 This Mushroom Photographed From Down Below

Image By: cocaineandcakepops

#5 The petals of this camellia flower

Image by: ewilio

#6 Geometry in nature.

Image by: edison_1

#7 This perfect cluster of apples

Image by: cobrakiller2000

#8 Sunflowers are actually made up hundreds of smaller flowers in near perfect symmetry.

Image By: Unknown_author69

#9 My succulent’s offshoot.

Image By: notRedAdmin

#10 Underside Of Victoria Amazonica’s Lilypad (Up To 200 Cm In Diameter) — Satisfying Ant Terrifying At The Same Time. Veiny Alien Plant-Flesh

Image By: kinujiki86

#11 Perfect flower I came across while hiking

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Image By: urmamasmama

#12 This absolutely perfect flower is right around the corner from my house.

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Image By: u/DarwinDanger

#13 A flower I found in Hawaii a few months ago

Image By: u/lilldipshit

#14 Nature’s geometry

Image By: sacrecoeur1206

#15 This diseased leaf that looks pixilated

Image By: Kraynix

#16 Hala Fruit: The fruit that looks like an exploding planet

Image By: KrushnaK1974

#17 The night sky petunia. A real flower whose petals resemble galaxies

Image By: Paul0416

#18 “Kalanchoe” Succulent Plant

Image By: starstufft

#19 Top view of this plant is a perfect star shape!

Image By: cule_cule

#20 This disco-ball-looking flower in Australia

Image By: MrWatermelon0

#21 This symmetrical leaf on my philodendron

Image By: BriLyGan

#22 Nature, this is some nice symmetry

Image By: Iwokeupdeadthismorning
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