No matter how wildly in love you are in now, says Lesli doares, marriage coach and author of blueprint for a lasting marriage, you can always fall deeper, to take an even bigger plunge? Here’s how;

1. Try something new together.

Doing the same old day after day can dull your affections. But doing something new together releases endorphins and serotonin, the feel-good hormones essential for deep love doares explains. “when the two of you do new “together, you create a new bond between the two of you that no one else is a port of, “she says, this is a way to continue to grow and challenges your relationship by creating shared experiences and memories.”

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2. Learn your partner’s love language.

Relationship Expert Gory Chapman, PhD. First exposed us to the five love languets, the distinct ways we each intuitively give and receive love but Toni Colman, Psychotherapist and relationship coach is here to drive their importance home. to fall more deeply in love, she says, we must learn our partner’s love language and speak it at least once a day. It may be that know why they are so important to you, maybe doing something for them makes their day just a little easier, or carving out special time just for them will say “I love you “in a way they can truly heart it.

3. Schedule Alone Time Together

Even when you’re side by with your spouse, it’s easy to become distracted from a bustling restaurant or a blaring TV. And distraction is a love killer, Doares recommends slating time on your schedule for Alone time that allows you to focus solely on one another. This is how you fell in love in the first place, She says, and it provides the opportunity to grow that love consistently over time.

4. Set aside time for intimate chats

What, exactly, is an intimate chat? It’s a long conversation where you are completely focused on one another and talk deeply about anything or nothing, describes Colman. And with intimate chats, you’ll recreate the spark of dating on the regular. Maybe you remember doing this the first or second time you went out together, where dinner led to coffee and conversation which led to a nightcap and more conversation, perhaps long into the night, Colman says, you had so much to say and couldn’t get enough of listening to everything he had to share.

5. share in your spouse’s interest

So phish isn’t your idea of good music, and you’d never be caught dead at one of this jam bond’s concerts. But it your spouse, it’s high time to buy a pair of tickets. Left to your devices, but participating in it allows you to see your partner with a different lens. You get to see what lights them up and in a different environment than usual.

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 6. Spice up you’re sex life

Like other parts of a relationship sex can also take a backseat to hectic work schedules, but taking the time to get creative between the sheets can involve the use of candles, body oils, sex toys, or trying new things you might want to consider using a Kama sutra Deek to get some new we must be creative in our life.

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7. Surprise and delight each other for no apparent reason

When you first began dating with your partner love note or surprise him or her with a petite present try to outdo each other with unplanned surprises, big or small, bring home for dinner to your favourite restaurant, leave a long love note in their gym bag(It only has to be personal and meaningful.)

8.Laugh together often

How important is it to share a giggle with your spouse? It’s been found that laughter is more important in a relationship than sex here’s why this simple activity can deepen your love state of joy which every relationship can benefit from it also provides protection against anger and resentment the relationship killers.

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