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The wild fox becomes a loyal friend to a boy who rescues him from a fur farm

Love can come in many forms and shapes. Maybe you find true love in your life among your friends, at your college, or it could be a stranger you met by chance. In Woody’s case, the real love of his life came to him and he was sentenced to death for taking his fur on a fur farm.

Yes, as you may have guessed by now, Woody is not a man but a handsome fox and the love of his life is his beloved owner Yaroslav, who faced a terrible fate. Yaroslav saw Woody again in 2015. Woody was born and raised on a fur farm and, like the other foxes there, was sentenced to death for his fur. However, when Yaroslav saw Woody, he fell in love with it, and Jaroslav knew that he could not leave Woody there.

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So he decided to talk to the farm owners and get Woody out. It was not an easy task at all. The owners wanted to pay Yaroslav the price they expected for Woody’s fur, and Yaroslav willingly accepted the idea because he valued Woody’s life above all else.

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That’s how Woody met Yaroslav, and the pair have been inseparable ever since. Of course, it was not easy for Woody to adjust to this new lifestyle. He was reluctant to befriend this new man, but when Woody later realized that Yaroslav loved him and cared for him, Woody became very attached to him.

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Yaroslav built a special cage for Woody to stay outdoors and enjoy his life. Since Woody never came to the forest, he could not maintain it there, and therefore, Yaroslav tried his best to give Woody a natural home where he could be safe and happy. As we all know, wolves are not domesticated animals, but Yaroslav has done his best to create a good living for Woody, and there is no doubt that Woody is happy to be with him.

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However, Yaroslav noted that owning a Woody is like having a disobedient cat and dog together! They seem to enjoy each other’s company, and we sincerely thank Yaroslav for saving Woody’s life and giving him a happy future.

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