Artist Masayoshi Matsumoto continues to turn balloons into amazing sculptures. His meticulously crafted and realistically presented collection of balloons showcases the endless artistic potential of traditional craftsmanship.

Every fascinating living, large-scale sculpture demonstrates Matsumoto’s unique approach to balloon art. His portfolio is interested in a wide range of animals, including mammals, reptiles, insects, and arachnids that often appear. To add to their real-life aesthetics, Matsumoto often locates creatures in natural postures: a kingfisher perched on a branch, a cobra perched on a twig, and a snail hanging from a gibbon tree.

Surprisingly, the artist uses only balloons and does not use any other artistic material or sculptural support to complete each section. This amazing lack of glue, markers, pens, and seals makes every balloon animal even more extraordinary

More Info: Instagram, mymodernmet

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