Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo is a beautiful bird. The most distinctive feature of this medium-sized cockatoo is its distinctive crest, which makes it stand out in its community. Doesn’t this logo look like candy corn?


This beautiful cockatoo is named after Major Sir Thomas Mitchell, an explorer and surveyor of southeastern Australia in the 1800s.


Pink cockatoo is another name for this cockatoo. You will surely find the reason. It has soft white and salmon-pink feathers. Its large, bright yellow and red crest makes it the most elegant of cockatoos.


There is little difference between men and women. Males have dark brown eyes and females have pink or red eyes.


Major Mitchell’s Cockatoos are native to Australia. They usually live in scrubland, savanna, and forest grasslands with nearby water sources.


These remarkable birds are poor fliers, flying only at low altitudes. They often fly short distances and rest before continuing their flight.


The main food source of these cockatoos is the seeds of local and exotic melons and the seeds of several pine species. They also eat wasted cereal grains, seeds of several weed species, and insect larvae from twigs.


The pink cockatoo’s mating season is between August and October. Males have their “dances” to attract females. They move along the branches, bobbing their heads up and down with their raised crests

After finding mates, mating pairs build their own nest a kilometer or more from other pairs. The female lays two to five eggs, one clutch every 2-3 days. They incubate their eggs for 23 to 30 days. Males then feed the chicks for 8 weeks until they are ready to fledge.


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