Here are 27 photos of random experiments that changed the way people see the world. Here in this series of articles, you will find beautiful photographs of science experiments, nature exists, photography experiments, and much more.

Scroll down and have fun yourself. All photos are linked and linked to the source. Please feel free to explore the collections of these photographers or further works on their personal websites.

#1 This is what happens to mesh patio furniture in an ice storm

Image Source: GnomishProtozoa

#2 What happened to my coffee cup after I left it sideways for a while…

Image Source: madmadders

#3 What happens when you grow a pumpkin inside a plastic mold.

Image Source: TheNameIsKevin

#4 This is what happens when a cat touches a plasma ball

Image Source: OddJug

#5 What happens when you swing a string of glow sticks with burning steel wool at the end and take a long exposure photo

Image Source: Chris Matthew Brady

#6 This is what happens when you put horizontal mirrors on a shack in the desert

Image Source: AdamE89

#7 This is what happens when you heat an ordinary marble over a flame then immediately drop it into cold water

Image Source: unicornheabutt

#8 What happens when water gets really, really cold.

Image Source: angry_m0nkey

#9 This is what happens when you polish a coconut

Image Source: Roctopus420

#10 This is what happens when a lightning hits beach sand

Image Source: Criptufu

#11 What happens when 50 mph winds, freezing temperatures and Lake Erie hits your house.

Image Source: viciann

#12 What happens when the mist around a waterfall freezes

Image Source: joshmea

#13 What happens when wood is burnt with high voltage

Image Source: -N3ptun3-

#14 Here’s what happens when you leave half a cabbage in the fridge too long.

Image Source: H0B0Byter99

#15 What happens when you put M&Ms in a dish of water. Diffusion force barriers

Image Source: bananaboat95

#16 This Is What Happens When Lightning Strikes A Flag On A Golf Course

Image Source: mtlgrems

#17 What happens to windmills when there’s fog

Image Source: Vmoney1337

#18 What happens when nature takes over- This boat on a river in Frankfurt, Germany

Image Source: BanAllPineapples

#19 This is what happens when you fail to thin out your carrots.

Image Source: weissbierdood

#20 This is what happens when the triple foam breaks at the car wash

Image Source: GallowBoob

#21 This is what happens to a basketball court when the pipes burst

Image Source: longjohnsilvaa

#22 What happens when an 8-year-old puts his hand in a petri dish of agar

Image Source: anonymous_hans

#23 He accidentally left a bowl of beet juice on the counter and the top layer rippled

Image Source: ThePhantomDullbooth

#24 This colony of moss growing inside a bike seat.

Image Source: teton_blamer

#25 This is what happens when lightning strikes asphalt

Image Source: 1Voice1Life

#26 This is what happens when you try to display candles on a hot patio

Image Source: 2nie

#27 this is what happens when you put a highlighter in the microwave in case you were wondering

Image Source: Dylan7225
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