Ohio-based artist Remington Robinson creates beautiful mini-plane aerial paintings in Altoids tins. Robinson was born in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, USA, and now lives in Boulder, Colorado. He specializes in realistic drawing and uses the lids of altoid tins as canvases to create small reproductions of natural and urban landscapes.

Robinson Velcrose puts small, primitive wood panels on the lids of emptied mint containers before moving to a new painting location and then uses metal canisters as a tone for his oil paints.

In his words, “I always use a new container, and when I’ve finished, the painting stays with the container in which it was painted, along with the paint used to create it. Then it’s basically like a small artefact. The rest of the paint stays in the container and I let it dry. I do not consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications. “

Scroll down to refresh yourself. Please check his Instagram for more amazing work and check out Robinson’s work on his website.

You can find Remington Robinson on the web:

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