Cats are very serious about personal space. When they want to be alone, you better give them plenty of space … or else. Then, as soon as you are busy, your cat has no understanding of personal space. When your cat needs attention it will stop doing anything to get it. My own cats have a complete laundry list of the terrible things they do to get my attention, including eating my paperwork, stretching my keyboard, and invading my personal space in any way they can. The cats on this list prove that no matter what type, colour or size your cats are, no cat cares about your personal space, not even a small mouse.


funny cats being jerks 3 Viral Cats 605

#2 No privacy at all…



#4 It’s become a morning routine

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#5 Say hello to Teemo on his 3-mo bday, trying to get my attention while working

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#8 “oh hai! Were you reading?”



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