True love is not something that most people do. While it may seem like love, when you love someone it is usually not so. Life does not change from fairy tales and love does not act that way.

True love is imperfect in every bad and best way. It’s not so much what you think it will be. If you think you know what true love is, think again. Please give up what you think is love and read below. If you do not know these things, you do not know what true love is.

8 things we all need to know about true love:

1. True love is not a nest.

You can fall in love with someone and still spend time apart. You are still two separate people. You need to be able to live without this person even if you don’t want to.

2. True love does not complete you.

True love does not change who you are. It’s not about making you feel complete. True love is not what it seems in movies; It is a difficult task.

3. True love does not mean that you have a perfect relationship.

True love is still full of ups and downs. Just because you love someone does not mean that your relationship will be free of conflicts. That said, you will not be angry with each other for long.

4. True love is not something that can be forced upon you.

Either it is there or not, no one can force you to love. If someone does not love you, let him go. Do not try to catch someone who wants to fly away.

5. True love is not something you can find alone.

True love does not find you on the other side. It should let you go where you are. Sometimes it comes at the best time and sometimes the worst. You need to be able to recognize it.

6. True love is not something you have to fight for.

If you are fighting with someone else it is not true love. True love is committed and faithful. You should never be surprised if this person cheats on you. True love has no place for such things.

7. True love comes naturally.

True love is not easy, but it is something you choose again and again. It comes naturally as every breath you take. It just feels right.

8. True love is worth it.

True love is worth the wait, your time is worth it. You will know if you ever find it. Do not waste time looking for it, work on yourself and let it come to you.

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