Life isn’t always smooth as butter. Often, you suffer from the feeling that everything on Earth is turning on you. Splitting a cup of coffee into your white shirt before you leave for work is just a nightmare. Then you can be in a bad mood all day. ok It’s too bad, but it could be worse.
By scrolling down the list below, you’ll see that you’re not the only unlucky person in the world. Most of the people there had some of the worst days of their lives. You might still think you’re lucky. Finding some solace in other people’s misfortunes is quite discouraging, but somehow these misfortunes help you forget your sad story.

#1 I picked the ladder up forgetting the paint was on top


#2 Got up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water, and when I opened the fridge the door fell off in my hand.


#3 Walking to my first job this morning with a fresh cup of coffee. That’s not cream, it’s a crow shit hole in one.



#4 A driveway crew was pouring concrete at a new house next to a duck pond. They went to lunch and came back to this…


#5 My pepper grinder broke this morning.


#6 Looks like someone put too much soap in the washing machine


#7 Got stung on the lip by a wasp getting the ole’ Christmas tree out. 2020 has been fun for sure.


#8 Put both on this morning to get wife’s opinion. Forgot to change before I left and was at work all day like this.


#9 I’m the only person in my entire office of 30 people who dressed up today and I’m in a full body banana suit.


#10 Came home late from work, drop my open sandwhich in the parking lot. Go to make pasta, the first pot slips and I pour it all on the ground. Make a second pot and the handle straight up breaks and my pasta goes everywhere. Didn’t eat; had a lil cry.


11# Eyelid somehow got stuck in the zipper of his jacket

#12 I’m having a disaster of a morning, and then this goddam squirrel stole the croissant I’d been saving to finally enjoy when I got back home.


#13 Mother-in-law just served me this piece of cake…


#14 Remember to close the dog flap during a torrential rain…


#15 I tried to grow potatoes, 10 weeks after I get this.


#16 Drove 45 mins to the store thinking I had my mask in my pocket. It was a baby sock.


#17 Walked through a fly strip this morning.. Spent an hour shampooing glue and fly guts out of my hair.


#18 Wife and I visited the Eiffel Tower for our honeymoon.



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