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17 Photos Of Cool Tattoos By This Korean Tattoo Artist

      Tattooing is much more than just injections into the skin in a design. It has an aesthetic and stylish look that makes people increase their confidence with their looks. In addition, it contributes to connecting to tattoo stores, revealing one’s soul to the world, and taking stories with you forever. One tattoo can tell the world who we are, what we stand for, and what our life story is all about. It has far more symbolic value than most people accept. Realizing these values, the people and the artist create amazing works of art that are aesthetically as well as symbolically successful. One of these great artists is Zion Quake from the Far East. Based in South Korea, she has adapted traditional Korean elements to her tattoo designs. So, you can see the traditional threads, tassels, knots, and many other traditional items in her tattoo designs. We added a few of her tattoos for you to check out.

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Each of the colours and elements has a different value and symbolic meaning. Therefore, adding these elements not only gives the tattoo an artistic look but also helps to describe your own story.


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Zion carefully studies every traditional thing she uses in her work, then she is confident about what her clients will get. For example, the ‘red’ thread symbolizes a bond for life. It means that clients have a lifelong commitment to art, tradition, and the artist, which is a respectable and heartfelt bond in Korea.


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Tattooing is a wonderful art that stays with you for a lifetime, so adding another person’s traditions and their own values ​​is a very heartfelt act. These tattoo designs certainly meet Zion’s expectations and certainly the expectations of her clients. Visit her social media accounts for more tattoo designs, if you go to South Korea, be sure to meet her and bring home a piece of memory.




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