Cats may seem cold and indifferent at times, but they are full of pride and joy even when they give birth to beautiful kittens. These photos will show you that pride, love, and motherhood go hand in hand in the cat world too! Do you have photos of happy cat families with their little kittens? Please add them to this list – the internet can always use more cats! And while you’re at it, check out this post from Proud Dog Moms!


#1 We had our kittens Friday night and they are all still OK.


#2 My friends cat had kittens!!

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#3 Cute cat family (father, mother, and three kittens)


#4 My First Foster Assignment Mama And Her Four Babies

My First Foster Assignment Mama And Her Four Babies scaled

#5 Family portrait

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#7 The Baby Kitties @ Six Weeks


#8 My friend’s cat recently had kittens, and the mother stopped taking care of them. We found the father like this today

#9 “No matter how much

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#10 Mommy and Daddy Cat with their kittens

#11 Octopus

#12 “This is my life now”


#13 look at these little fluffy cat nuggets



tumblr m2aniiXuLB1rsb49eo1 500

#15 kitteh family

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