1 – He makes you feel safe and secure

One of the hallmarks of a passionate relationship is security and a good man tries to make sure you have nothing less. He is determined to keep you safe in any situation and is not afraid to stand up for his woman.

2 – He is never abused

This does not mean that he will not touch you physically. A good man is not abused in any way, shape or form. A good man does not suffer physical, mental, or emotional harm to anyone he meets in life, from the waiter’s favourites relationship to his partner and his parents.

3 – He is here to help you

This does not mean that he has to blindly agree with everything you say, however, when it is really important, you can trust that he will support you throughout life’s challenges.

4 – He makes you his priority

If he takes the time to list his priority, you are at the top of the list. He understands that in order to maintain a happy and healthy relationship you cannot fall behind on work, hobbies, his friend or even his family – relationships are challenging and you should always prioritize each other.

5 – He’s honest

Dishonesty is one of the biggest relationship killers. A good man always tells the truth, whether difficult or difficult. He understands the importance of faith and will not tell you a reason not to trust him.

6 – He never crosses the line

You may have debates and disagreements throughout your life, this is an essential part of any relationship. By attacking each other, he understands that you can not agree with your opinion without going overboard without lowliness or respect.

7 – He makes you feel beautiful inside as well as outside

A good man does not just say words, he really goes out to ensure that you always feel beautiful inside and out. He does this by his actions and the way he deals with you every day.

8 – He is with you in everything

A good man will be proud to be with you in all the challenges, struggles and celebrations of life. He understands that true love is strong in both good times and bad, and he does not even think about leaving you when you need it most.

9 – He never forgets the ‘little things’ in life

While some people forget the small subtleties of a happy relationship and focus on the great posture, these little gestures are not lost on a good man. He’s the guy who keeps small love notes for you, keeps the door open, and doesn’t eat.

10 – He knows that verbs speak louder than words

Any man can talk a great game and make himself a real lover. The difference between ‘any man’ and a good man is that a good man follows actions to support his statements. He understands that his actions speak louder than words and is willing to make an effort to live with this statement in mind every day.

11 – He encourages you

When you are around him you are motivated to be your best version. Strong, motivated and true to himself, he is an example to you that you cannot follow but want to follow.

12 – He works hard to win your trust

He understands that trust is not something that is given freely to anyone and everyone. He is dedicated every day to winning your trust and it should never be underestimated.

 13 – He is open to you

When you enter into a relationship you are a joint venture and trusts your partner to be with you no matter what may happen in life. A good man understands that in order to be a team, you need to be open to each other and share your most vulnerable side.

14 – He is actively working to become the best version of himself

A good man does not want to be allowed to be a ‘good’ person in this world. He knows he has the potential to be great, and actively seeks opportunities for self-improvement and growth by working actively to become his best editor.

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