You can press the button on your camera 1,000 times and take 1,000 unimpressive photos. Only when the lighting, shapes, and lines are all right, can you get a photo that will make you doubt your own vision? knosearch has added a new series of pictures that might make you want to see an eye doctor.





#3 I polished some marble tonight and a side looks as if it was missing.


#4 A random stranger came up to my girlfriend and I to show us the photo she took of us.


#5 My man trying to work. (Was removed for “low effort,” from CatsAreAssholes, so I’m trying one more time!


#6 Two legged dog ?!


#7 I thought they were my legs




#9 Man rides woman


#10 When shadows become dominant !! This interesting pic of zebras crossing the salt pans was shot in Makgadikgadi, Botswana.


#11 Stairs from the top


#12 Excuse me, would you mind not sitting like that please? Thanks.


#13 Kitten blending into the floor

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